Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Matt Kosh" Get Buzzy Ambition Coach

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Matt Kosh Get Buzzy Ambition Coach - Teachs G.A.T.E.S. & MSI's - Go to: &

Matt ... - Entreprenuer, Coach, Fun guy and Cancerian !!

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Matt Kosh (U.K. Essex) on ................................. or email

Joe Estrada (Australia, Brisbane) on -61420575599 or email

"KIDS are OUR Future"

Joe Estrada - After 35 years in the workforce, 25 years in Business' and 16 years teaching "How to improve your life with 21st century education ... for every area of your life ...I realised that this should be taught in Childhood.

TWO simple things the "Skill of achieving what you want, your goals and financial education in the way of MSI's - Multiple Sources of Income."

Of the 1000's of people I've spoken to most agree with this, but teach what ?

Thats what I formed "Get Buzzy Education" to do find 21st century answers for our childrens futures...and I found that they are out there !!!

I ask you to come on this success journey ...of destinations for our kids !!!

Live, Love and Laugh A LOT !!

Joe Estrada (Mr GOALS, G.A.T.E.S. & M.S.I.'s)